Personal Ministries

You might be going through storms of life, physical sickness, disease, marital problems, financial crisis, employment hurdles, relationship turmoil or family breakdown: GOD IS ABLE!!

God can reach out to you where ever you are. God has come into your environment. Jesus came down to lift you up out of that condition. He wants to breakdown those chains that have you bound. “For the yoke shall be broken because of the anointing.” Isaiah 10:27b Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary & was raised up again on the 3rd day. Jesus Christ’s victory is your victory! So……….rise above your limitations! Don’t succumb to pressure. Don’t give up the fight. Don’t quit on yourself. Stand on God’s Word & promises. We want to fight for you through prayer& faith. We want to stand in the gap for you. We are on your side.

“Have faith in God. What so ever things you desire when you pray, believe that you have them & you shall have them. Who so ever shall say to this mountain, move from here to there, Without doubt in his heart, shall have what he said.” Mark 11:22-24.